.NET Programmer Thoughts

Monday, June 28, 2004

Certifications - Update

I had purchased the ProTech CBT and now I wish that I hadn't! I have left about 5 messages (via phone) with no response! And leaving a message has been a nightmare! If I go to sales it says the mailbox is full. If I go to customer server it says the mailbox is full. The only way I've been able to leave a message is by going back to the operator (automated operator...not a real person) and leave a message there.

I've sent three emails to them and today I have finally received a response. After a week!!!! I'm sending the product back unopened.

I have signed up with SmartCertify which is an online CBT program. It is expensive but they did give me a scholorship and have given me access to their complete CBT library...not just the MCDBA. I will have access for one year. I've also been able to finance the cost. So I didn't have to eat up my credit limit on my credit card.

So far, I love it! You don't have to use it online; you can download the courses. I've done it both ways and it works well. It's expensive but since I've got access to their library for I year I will easily be able to update my MCDBA when Yukon comes out.