.NET Programmer Thoughts

Monday, June 28, 2004

SQL Server 2000

I'm currently studying for the 70-229 exam. It's MS SQL Server 2000 Database Implementation. I have found out some amazing facts!

It stores information in pages. It will use 8kb per page. When it runs out of room on a page, it creates another page. It does something very similar with index. For a non-clustered index, it creates pages with the data that forms the index. You can specifiy a FILLFACTOR to determine if you want to leave extra space on a page for inserts. It speeds up indexing.

What is amazing to me is how much control you have over the physical part of the database. I always used to wonder why there was a need for a DBA. Well, that's because of all the "tuning" required. I'm not sure how VFP handled it but we certainly weren't able to "tune" anything. The most we could do was reindex or rebuild the indexes.