.NET Programmer Thoughts

Monday, July 05, 2004

70-299 - SQL Server 2000 Database Design & Implementation

I think I'm finally starting to understand SQL Server. I've read the Microsoft book and been through he braindumps test twice. I've only found one thing that wasn't covered in the book. "CROSS JOIN". Fortunately, the braindumps provided an explanation.

I was having a lot of trouble trying to determine when to use a stored procedure or a function. The best I seem to be able to come up with is that a stored procedure is always preferable. But if it has to be used in a SELECT list then you HAVE to use a scalar UDF.

I also think I understand why SQL DBA's would laugh when I said I used FoxPro. SQL is very extensive. T-SQL is just plain confusing! No wonder they have to pay DBA's so much. There will be a great feature but once to read into it, you find out that you can only use it if it meets 10 or 12 qualifications! Why even put the feature in there! I am referring to "cursors".

I'm scheduled to take the exam tomorrow at 10am. If I pass I will be an MCSD! Then I have my interview with DataJuice at 1pm. They are looking for an MCSD so I BETTER PASS!!!!