.NET Programmer Thoughts

Saturday, July 31, 2004

Houston Beginning C# SIG

I asked Jay Sawyer yesterday if he knew if the Houston DotNet User's Group would be starting a C# SIG. He sent my message to Ben Levy, the HDNUG President, he said the following:

I think a HDNUG C# SIG would be great. The HAL-PC one has been going for quite some time and they are going to be discussing
advanced topics.

All we need is someone to start one up. HDNUG will support the SIG as much as it can.

Hey .. how about .. you. You can be the leader of the C# sig. I know J is laughing about now, because he could see this coming. Seriously though, I am sure many members would be interested in this.

I responded by saying that I have no C# experience. Jay came back and said that I would know what a beginner needs to get rolling with C#. As a SIG leader, I really only need organization and leadership skills.

So I said yes. It can't hurt anything. I'm not working right now so my time isn't an issue.

I'm not much for standing in front of a group and talking so I guess I will be learning C# and learning how to stand in front of a group without making a fool of myself.

So if you're in Houston and are looking for a place to learn C#, keep an out out for the new HDNUG Beginning C# SIG.