.NET Programmer Thoughts

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Where have I been?

I've really gotten caught up in the latest book I'm reading!  "Beginning C# Objects"  I've learned so much!!!  I'm about half way through it now. 
But, Friday morning I went out to mow the yard and my lawn mower decided it wasn't going to propel itself again.  I've spent enough money trying to get it fixed so I called my sister and they will let me use theirs.  They received a riding lawn mower from my Mom when she went into assisted living a few months ago.  So they aren't using it. 
So I went to San Marcos, TX Friday afternoon and came back late on Saturday...with the mower!
Lynn Evans, a former supervisor and mentor,  asked me to review a proposal he's presenting this week.  So I spent some time reviewing his documents. 
I have another interview tomorrow morning.  It's with Software Architects.  I really like what I see on their website.  They really seem to want their employee's to be happy. 
I better get "studied" up on SARK...