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Monday, August 23, 2004

Long Time No Blog

Unfortunately I haven't been doing any studying or programming.  Or even reading blogs!  Everything has been Sarbanes-Oxley.  I'll get back to it soon...I hope.


Sunday, August 15, 2004

Eric Gunnerson moves on...

Eric's blog is one that I follow.  It always has good material on it.  He does say that he will still be putting out C# tips on his blog

Friday, August 13, 2004

New Job!

Well I started on Thursday!  What an awesome place!  Everyone has been so nice and helpful.  Plus the company meeting at Jillian's was really cool.

Currently, I'm "on the beach".  Which means that I'm not on a job site or doing work for a client.  I will be going out to the client site on Monday.

Since I've been "on the beach", I've had some time to read another chapter in Expert C# Business Objects.  Another tough chapter!  I have to admit that I'm struggling with the concepts but hopefully it will make sense to me at some point.  I do believe it is a must read for anyone who develops applications. 

Monday, August 09, 2004

New Job Update

It looks like I will be starting next Monday with Software Architects.  I will have the title of Senior Consultant.  I will be assigned to a team as Business Analyst/Technical Lead.  They need someone who is familiar with older Microsoft technologies to help with any difficulties porting the old applications into .NET.  It also gives them a chance to get me up-to-speed with .NET.  The location is great too!  It's in my "zone"! 

I'm officially on my way into the world of .NET!!!!

Expert C# Business Objects

I've started reading Expert C# Business Objects by Rockford Lhotka

Technically it's what I was looking for.  It's really diving into n-tier architecture.  It just blows my mind all the "stuff" in .NET.  Where do people find it all???? 

As far as reading material, it's a very dry read.  It's purely technical.  I'm finding it a very slow read, but that could be because I'm so new to the technology.

But if you looking for a book to show you how to use C# to build n-tier applications, then this is the book you are looking for.  And perhaps the only book out there.

Rockford Lhotka will be speaking this week at the Austin .NET User's Group meeting.  I really wish he was speaking here in Houston!!!!

Friday, August 06, 2004

The BIGGER Answer

I didn't contact them.  Guess what...they contacted me today!  I got a job offer!  I'm supposed to go see them Monday morning to discuss everything!

Whooooo hooooo!!!!!  I'm going to be employed again!  No more scrimping!  And it's with the company I wanted to work for...Software Architects!  They try to stay on the leading edge of technology!  I sure don't want to get left behind again!

Wow, I think I need to celebrate!

The BIG Question

I still have heard anything from Software Architects.  My last interview was last Wednesday.  That was over a week and a half ago.  I can't decide if I should call them and ask if I'm still being considered.  One would think that if you had an actual interview they would call you in either case. 

I really want this job.  I really want to became proficient in C#.  I'm starting the C# SIG.  That should show my dedication to learning the language. 

Job hunting really sucks....

Thursday, August 05, 2004

n-tier development

I'm on a quest to find examples of n-tier development.  Can you believe I've only found one example!  Karim Hyatt has written a three part series N-Tier Application Development with Microsoft .NETPart 1 explains what n-tier architecture is and how it works.  Part 2 actually gives you code to show you how to do it.  Part 3 goes into the data layer and gives you a link to the source code.

I will be using GotDotNet's Data Access Application Block so I don't think part 3 will fit into my scenario.

If anyone knows of other n-tier articles or books that actually show examples please comment!

Tuesday, August 03, 2004


David Waddleton posted about a cool tool he's using to blog so I thought I would try it out.

  • I have to try some bullets since that really messed me up before.
  • And a link...BlogJet
  • My provider won't let me use pictures or audio files so I can't test those features.

The install was easier than Visual Blogger...but Visual Blogger is only in beta.  And it actually posts your blog correctly!

Update: It posted perfectly.  And it even let me edit my post!  VERY VERY COOL.

Monday, August 02, 2004


I got bored this weekend so I decided to go to Borders to peruse C# books. I picked up to books and headed to the couch. The first book was Windows Forms Programming in C# by Chris Sells. I knew this book had an average of 5 stars by around 50 reviewers. The second book was Microsoft Visual C# .NET Step by Step—Version 2003 by Jon Jagger and John Sharp.

I first compared their explanation on delegates. Sells book just confused me even more. The Microsoft book actually opened my eyes a little. It’s a complicated subject and it did a good job and making it simple. Can I explain delegates to you now? Well, it’s basically a type that references a method inside another class.

I went on to other subjects and found that the Microsoft book was actually pretty good. At the end of the book it even included topics that are in C# 2.0. I’m surprised it only has 3½ stars. After reading the reviews it looks like reviewers had confused this C# book with an identical C++ book. The reviewers were referencing C++. I thought C++ programmers paid better attention to details!

I would have liked to have bought the book to work through the exercises. But since I’m on a budget I had to pass. Hopefully my APRESS books will show up this week. I think I will send that guy and email and ask him when I should be receiving the books.