.NET Programmer Thoughts

Monday, August 02, 2004


I got bored this weekend so I decided to go to Borders to peruse C# books. I picked up to books and headed to the couch. The first book was Windows Forms Programming in C# by Chris Sells. I knew this book had an average of 5 stars by around 50 reviewers. The second book was Microsoft Visual C# .NET Step by Step—Version 2003 by Jon Jagger and John Sharp.

I first compared their explanation on delegates. Sells book just confused me even more. The Microsoft book actually opened my eyes a little. It’s a complicated subject and it did a good job and making it simple. Can I explain delegates to you now? Well, it’s basically a type that references a method inside another class.

I went on to other subjects and found that the Microsoft book was actually pretty good. At the end of the book it even included topics that are in C# 2.0. I’m surprised it only has 3½ stars. After reading the reviews it looks like reviewers had confused this C# book with an identical C++ book. The reviewers were referencing C++. I thought C++ programmers paid better attention to details!

I would have liked to have bought the book to work through the exercises. But since I’m on a budget I had to pass. Hopefully my APRESS books will show up this week. I think I will send that guy and email and ask him when I should be receiving the books.