.NET Programmer Thoughts

Friday, September 17, 2004

Expert C# Business Objects - a review

This book is an in-depth explanation of Lhotka's CSLA .NET framework. It starts out by showing you how the framework was built. Then it shows you how to use it. A beginner should not read this book. It's very technical. I'm not a beginner but I'm also not an expert and there were points where I just gave up on understanding how he built the framework. As I gain more .NET experience, I plan to go back and read the first part of the book again.

I've been desperately look for a C# book that discussed a 3-tier architecture and how it should be applied in .NET. This book does show you how it can be done but it's very complicated.

In reading this book, I've gained a good understanding of what can be accomplished by using a well thought out framework. Am I using it? No. I got too confused trying to implement it. That doesn't mean I don't want to useit. It just means that my experience level at the moment is holding me back.