.NET Programmer Thoughts

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Best Kept Secrets in .NET

Best Kept Secrets in .NET is an excellent book! There is lots of good information about Visual Studio .NET. .NET includes so many features that there is no way that any one person could find all the features. This book shows you some of the “little” features that you wouldn’t ordinarily know about. It covers the IDE, windows forms, coding tricks, ADO, and defensive development. Unfortunately, what it doesn’t cover is ASP.NET.

This is a great book for beginning and intermediate .NET programmers. It helps you to quickly find the tools that will make your programming life much easier. All code samples are in VB.NET and C#. There are lots of screen shots to help you visualize what you’re reading without having to go into the development environment to find it.

The book is well laid out and well written. It is straight to the point and very easy to read. It’s definitely a book I plan to keep handy when I’m programming.