.NET Programmer Thoughts

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

SharePoint Portal Server Training

Last week I got the opportunity to attend SharePoint training. I had been using SharePoint at work but only as an end-user.

Unfortunately, the training didn't cover customizing SharePoint with .NET. It just involved using it right out of the box.

It's a good product. It requires MSDE or SQL Server. It also can not be run on a domain controller. So if you have a small network, it will require another computer.

The worst part is the licensing. A SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Server License with 5 CAL's is $5619.00. You have to have a CAL for all user's that are going to connect to your site. So I don't think this is an option for small businesses. Try DotNetNuke instead. It's free and it works pretty good.

I find it amazing that CAL's are required. You already have to pay for the Windows 2003 Server licence and probably it's CAL's too. Then you have to pay for SharePoint on top of it. Come on Microsoft. It's an internet portal! It's unbelieveable that a company has to pay for users to use it's own intranet!