.NET Programmer Thoughts

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Beginning C# Databases: From Novice to Professional

If you are new to working with database servers, Beginning C# Databases is a great place to start. It begins by showing you how to install MSDE and takes you all the way through developing windows and web applications that access the Northwind database. There is a lot of code in the book but when you’re beginning, you need to look at code. The full source is listed and then it takes you step by step to show you what it’s doing.

Definitely download the code samples. There are a couple of great tools. If you don’t have access to SQL Enterprise Manager, you will find them very useful!

The book flows from topic to topic very smoothly and stays on the subject. It is such an easy read. It will definitely stay in my library as a reference on SQL Server.

Friday, December 10, 2004

DAAB - Data Access Application Block

Have you ever used the DAAB 3.1? Well, I've been trying to. Good luck trying to find documentation. I can get it to work for some things and other things just won't work.

If anyone knows of any good documentation please post the link.