.NET Programmer Thoughts

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Catch Up Time

It's been a while since I've blogged. I have been on assignment at "Company A". They acquired a company that had several Access databases. These databases were written by a barge Captain. So you can just image how the code looks! Everytime they tried to move the applications to another server everything would crash. So my job was to get it running in a clean environment. The other catch was that it was working against Novell's Groupwise and they want it running on Exchange. So I've been pretty busy.

There was lots of hard-coded paths and email addresses. This was the major problem. So I had to learn some VBA (Visual Basic For Applications). Then I wrote a front-end to all the databases in VB.NET. Yes, I know. I'm a sharpie. But they told me they wanted the code in VB.NET.

I dont' care what anyone says. C# and VB are not the same. The first time I got hit with "Nothing", it took me about two hours to figure it out. There doesn't seem to be "Null" in VB. It's "Nothing". The other big thing is that the properties windows doesn't show you the list of events for the control. Which means you can't double click on the event and have it write the code structure for you. Which also means that you have to remember what events are available and what their signatures are.

So I can say now that I've written my first .NET application. I'm told I will have a code review next week. SARK sends me out to a site all by myself, with no .NET experience, and then wants to do a code review. Well, it's good code. Bring it on!